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We’ve been doing things with passion for over 40 years!

Moto House is first and foremost the story of a man. An apprentice turned salesman who one day decided to pursue his dreams and become number 1 in motorcycle equipment. 30 years ago, Michel decided to buy the store in which he worked to fully live his passion. Since then this passion has never left him. Who better than him knows how much advice, listening and understanding of his customers’ needs must go hand in hand with the quality of the products he offers? In 40 years, Moto House can be proud to have acquired the reputation of “trusted player” when it comes to finding the best motorcycle equipment. This reputation, which extends beyond several generations of motorcyclists meets, today more than ever, the emerging need of the public to find authenticity. This authenticity permeates the soul of Moto House and we live it in the contact we have with our customers. Authenticity and passion are words that have become, over time, our trademark.
is a way of life

At Moto House we do not sell products but solutions.

We are constantly looking for new items to offer you and we are proud to offer models that can only be found in our shop. To advise you as well as possible, we always take the time to receive you. This space that we create with each of our customers will allow us to offer you what best suits your needs. What is your driver profile, your look, your objectives, your budget? All these questions will more than ever be decisive in making the right choice. As you will have understood, at Moto House, taking the time, taking the exact measure of your needs is part of our DNA. This passion for motorcycling that we share requires high standards. A requirement that you are also entitled to expect from us both in the advice we provide you and in the choice of our range of products.
Our house
is your house

If Moto House is above all a shop, it is clear that over the years a real spirit of camaraderie, a community of enthusiasts, has grown up around this institution.

In our shop, we do everything we can to make you feel «at home». If you pass by, do not hesitate to come and visit us, discuss our common passion and who knows, meet new road companions ? We know that it is sometimes disturbing to make your first mortorcycle laps without being accompanied in the choice of the ideal equipment. At Moto House, we pay particular attention to advising you by giving you the keys to fully live your new passion. On a simple call from you, we reserve an exclusive time slot for you and as good news never comes alone, we offer you a discount on all your purchases (except electronics)! Do not hesitate !
Live your life, Go to Moto House,
Live your life

Located near the E411, our shop is accessible in less than 2 minutes via exit 2.

In addition to the free parking spaces along the public road in front of the store, our shop also has a large car park located at the back of the building, entirely reserved for our customers. Moto House is a space of 500m² dedicated to the biker’s equipment who awaits you. In addition to taking advantage of our advices, we place your equipment for free (intercoms, luggage storage, etc.)! This service that we provide to you is in addition to our responsive and always customer-oriented after-sales service. You can also find us on many events whether they are considered “large” or more modest. A way for us to honor our passion while supporting associations and initiatives by offering prizes, equipment or simply for the pleasure of spending time together.