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Shoei Glamster

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The Glamster can be considered minimalist, sleek, light and vintage. Shoei calls this helmet a «neo-classical». With a very careful interpretation of the «neo» particle (new), one thing is certain, the Shoei Glamster is a stylistic choice without hindering the advantages of current helmets.

This helmet is made of AIM which is a clean material to Shoei which makes it lightweight while remaining protected. Elements in EPS have a shock absorption capacity at different levels. On the scale, the Glamster has a weight of 1200gr.

Its interior can be machine washed (30°C max) as well as modified for thicker or thinner cheek foams or cap. To keep a retro touch, you will find a Double D strap.

The emergency foam extraction system (EQRS) is also present on this helmet as all Shoei integral the Pinlock is provided original and the locations are provided to put an intercom.

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