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MUC-OFF Dry Degeaser 750ml Spray


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When the going gets tough use Muc-off advanced Quick Drying Degreaser. This powerful degreaser removes built up oil, grease and grime on metal, plastic, rubber and seals without the need for rinsing, and it even does it in record time.


  • Easily eliminates grease and grime without the need for water
  • Removes all contaminants from chains, gears and individual components
  • 'Zero Residue' formula ensures a deep clean and no need for rinsing
  • Quick Drying formula ensures instant evaporation
  • Even breaks down waterproof grease and chain wax residue
  • Quick and easy to use


Directions for use :


Step 1 - Shake can to activate formula and spray directly onto selected area.


Step 2 - Use a brush or sponge to agitate any stubborn grease, grime or contaminants.


Step 3 - Wipe away any excess