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If you thought that safe and resistant motorcycle pants and stretchy and comfortable Jeggings were mutually exclusive, think again! Our unisex Jeggings for motorcyclists are specially designed to offer the daily comfort of a Jegging, with all the safety, warmth and performance of the best motorcycle pants.
These biker Jeggings are very stretchy and feature numerous pockets and smart safety features, such as the adjustable positioning of the D30® knee protection as standard, with optional Ghost enhancements.

  • Comfortable and daily Jeggings that will soon be indispensable to you.

  • Ultra-stretch denim outer shell.

  • Internally reinforced by a stretch aramid fiber fabric.

  • Safety seams in all areas, not just in the main danger areas.

  • Five outer pockets.

  • High-waisted, slim-fit jeggings, designed for a close-fitting but comfortable fit, the perfect partner for your Richa leather jacket.



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